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Art Piece DTF400 Light

Art Piece DTF400 Light


Art Piece DTF400 - Combine for DTF T-shirts - super energy efficient

Roll2Roll efficiency from 3 mb/hour

  • The all new DTF Roll to Roll T-shirt printer - super economical,
  • Minimal power consumption
  • The 8-channel CMYK + WWWW head provides excellent opacity with white color
  • Minimal power consumption for gelling glue - probably the lowest of
  • Efficient and fast - from 3 to 6 meters of film per hour
  • The unique design enables quick maintenance of the head
  • and docking station
  • Ink mixing and filtering system, super head maintenance system
  • Auto stop after printing - will turn off after the last job
  • Prints on T-shirts, natural and polyester fabrics (both white, black and colored) as well as wood, lanyards, eco-leather and other materials
  • In DTF technology, it enables printing on polyester and cotton fabrics. Printing precision, prints overlap without shifts, one pass printing - color and white in one pass
  • The machine performs automatic feeding and rolling of foil - Roll2Roll, powder (glue) and its automatic sieving and shaking, glue melting, auto-stop
  • provides high efficiency, not achievable when printing from single sheets


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