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Cameleon 800

Cameleon 800

SKU: 4

UV LED printer for direct printing on various surfaces.

A2 format.

  • Description

    UV printer for direct printing on many flat materials, e.g. pvc, dibond, plexiglass, glass, mdf, cardboard and others.


    Also used for the majority of materials used in large-format printing, such as: foils, paper, banners, canvas, fabrics, artificial leather, etc.


    UV ink for universal use.




    • attractive price (much lower than similar prices offered in Poland)
    • light and easy to transport
    • very easy operation (one start button is enough)
    • the ability to print on both light and dark substrates with the use of white ink
    • table height adjustment range 0 - 130 mm
    • the print is cold-dried with the rays of a special UV LED lamp with a power of up to 100 W
    • dry immediately after printing and resistant to all solvents and scratches
    • direct printing on rigid substrates, such as: ceramic tiles (tiles), wood, metal, glass, PVC, plastics (e.g. phone, laptop, CD, USB flash drive or other gadgets)
    • can print on leather, eco-leather or stretch fabrics
    • maximum print area 380 mm x 600 mm, and even 380 x 800 mm
    • Epson DX7 head, 8 CMYK + WWWW channels, 180 nozzles per channel (4 colors + 4 times white) or CMYK + WW + VV (2 colors, white and 2x varnish)
  • Size

    WEIGHT 40 kg

    DIMENSIONS 155 × 70 × 46 cm

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